Folate Receptor Anibody Test (FRAT)
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Folate Receptor Anibody Test (FRAT)

FRAT™ (Folate Receptor Antibody Test) is a patented diagnostic blood test that screens for antibodies to the Folate Receptor Alpha (FRa). FRAT™ is an important tool in assessing your child’s neurological health. It is a simple test with sophisticated results.

FOLATE RECEPTOR ANTIBODIES AND AUTISM:  Learn why assessing the presence of folate receptor antibodies through FRAT™ is vital to optimal brain and neurological health. download pdf

FRAT Request Form


How to get FRAT test

As from the April 1st 2022, all European customers can order the FRAT test through R.E.D.  Laboratories. Please download the Request Form and read the instructions. For kits and information, please contact us at

Data sheet
Do I need to prepay the test before receiving the kit?

No, we will send you an invoice once we receive your sample. All payment instructions are listed on the invoice. You can pay by wire transfer or credit card (VISA or Mastercard only). Please kindly note that checks are no longer accepted. The analysis report will be released only if the tests are paid.

What is the turnaround time for the tests?

It will take approx. 4 weeks to get the results from all tests, except for MSA (6 weeks) and CD56 and CD57 (48 -72 hours).

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