PCR Hybrispot Zoonoses (HybZOO)
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PCR Hybrispot Zoonoses (HybZOO)

Tick extraction + mutiplex PCRs + dotblot for 7 pathogens: Erhlichia, Anaplasma, Bartonella, Borrelia burgdorferi sl, Rickettsias (Richettsia, Spotted fever group & Typhus group), Coxiella, Francisella

HybZOO: Request Form from EU

HybZOO: Request Form from USA

Sample required: blood, saliva, biopsy, swab, as per need Blood: 1 EDTA. Tube. Stable for 48hours. For longer periods freeze at –20°C or –80°C. Saliva , biopsy, swab: sample in a sterile, dry tube (no buffer or fixative of any kind). Stable for 24 hours. For longer periods freeze at -20°C or 80°C

Data sheet
Do I need to prepay the test before receiving the kit?

No, we will send you an invoice once we receive your sample. All payment instructions are listed on the invoice. You can pay by wire transfer or credit card (VISA or Mastercard only). Please kindly note that checks are no longer accepted. The analysis report will be released only if the tests are paid.

What is the turnaround time for the tests?

It will take approx. 4 weeks to get the results from all tests, except for MSA (6 weeks) and CD56 and CD57 (48 -72 hours).

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